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These are great gardeners. Can't fault them at all. They turned up on time weren't expensive and got my garden looking fantastic in a very short amount of time. Thanks, Gardeners Hackney.

  • Deliah Carston

I required some lawn care at my rental house. Lawn Care Company Hackney had the lowest rates so I hired them to do maintenance twice monthly. No issues so far and it is nice to save a few pounds.

  • Leigh O.

Gardeners Hackney did a fantastic job on my garden design. I am going to have them work on the lawn of my store next. I got an amazing deal as well.

  • A. Kristofferson

Their gardeners are perfectionists. GardenersHackney totally transformed the state of my back garden. I was thrilled with what transpired. I couldn't have asked for anything more from this company.

  • Anna S.

The pricing and time of completion was accurate, and the standard of work was high. Hackney Landscapers truly are an amazing gardening company.

  • K. Bridges

Garden Designers Hackney are a simple and affordable gardening company that do everything I need to a very high quality.

  • Albert Pillman

We looked forever to find the right company to do our garden design when we were building our first home. Hackney Landscapers was the only company that offered all of the services we needed at a reasonable price.

  • Rick N.

Hackney Landscapers has done a great job and in a low-cost, punctual, quick and professional manner. Their gardeners were polite and I saw no sign of slacking. I would definitely use this company and crew in the future and recommend them to my family and friends.

  • Thomas Marshall

Garden Designers Hackney took care of all may garden waste. There was nothing I had they wouldn't take and they removed everything with ease. There were no accidents, damages or problems, just as swift garden clearance service.

  • Olivia Parks

I always had it in my imagination as to which plants when sowed would enhance the beauty of my garden, but for some reason, it never turned out to satisfy me. Then, I read somewhere about Landscaping Companies Hackney, and ran by them to book their services. They have planted some really awesome trees, and gradually, as they grow, my garden is blooming and sparkling with all sorts of colours and aromas. Their prices are fairly reasonable and they offer a service to remember.

  • Iris L.

With the help of gardening professionals I finally have a garden to be proud of! I tried to make my garden into the space I wanted, but I just haven't got the talent or patience required. Gardeners Hackney have made my dream a reality with their brilliant teams and low-cost services. I am very grateful for all their hard work!

  • Pippa G.

My friend recommended Gardeners Hackney and they helped me so much! I'm not much of a gardener to be honest and I desperately needed some help. But this company was amazing and so understanding. I explained that I needed garden maintenance and they gave me all the details I needed. And on the day, their professional gardeners did a wonderful job. My garden looked transformed. Thanks so much to you guys!

  • Maria Korrs

I'm a professional gardener but I wanted some help for some landscaping I was doing. Gardening Services Hackney were who I chose because I knew they would be able to do the job. We worked together to get all landscaping work done and the results were of a high standard. They impressed me in every way and I recommend them as the foremost garden landscaping team.

  • Ashley Murdock

I recently had a fence erected to replace my old one and I gave GardenersHackney the responsibility of getting it done. I can't really put into words my gratitude, but I'll give it a try. I was and still am immensely pleased with the new fence and the team did a thorough and professional job. The team I had the pleasure of dealing with were polite and mightily efficient and didn't need any babysitting. They turned up on time and got on with the job and they even cleaned up after themselves, making a pleasant surprise.

  • David Donnely

My patio always gets dirty quickly as people walk through it from the garden into the house. This means it needs to be cleaned a lot and sometimes it can be a lot to do. Wanting a quick result, but also one of quality, I called up Landscaping Companies Hackney. I then received an expert patio clean, with results better than I could have managed myself. Their team knew their stuff and ensured my patio looked good in a short time. If you need such a service, they are the people to call.

  • April Taylor

I am writing to thank everyone at Garden Designers Hackney for building such a wonderful garden for our office. Everyone is delighted with the new look. We now look forward to spending some happy time in the garden. The suggestions given by your team have worked wonders for our garden. The landscaping work undertaken by your team has completely taken us by surprise. We now plan to hand over the garden maintenance contract to your company! Look forward to meeting your team again!

  • Greg S.

A decent sized personal outdoor space is a rare thing to have, especially when living in a busy city. It's great if you can maintain it, but if you're short of time like I am, it can quickly become overgrown and out of control. It was definitely worth spending a bit of money to hire a professional garden clearance and maintenance service, so I'm glad I gave Garden Care Services Hackney a call. Their gardeners got to work quickly and completely rejuvenated my garden, so I now have a beautiful space in which to enjoy the summer months.

  • Mark

I inherited a little money and decided that I would really like to have my garden professionally landscaped. I called Garden Designers Hackney who came to see me for a free consultation. Their garden landscaping team drew me some great designs and I just had to choose which I liked the best. The pricing was unbelievable. I now hire them for regular garden maintenance work.

  • Peter

We moved into the suburbs after my husband's retirement. I was anxious to get started in the garden, but had no clue about gardening. An advertisement in the local papers caught my eye and I gave them a call. Thanks to Lawn Care Company Hackney, I now have a wonderful garden and know the basic of gardening!

  • June Thomas

Gardening Services Hackney suggested fantastic ideas to re-design our garden. The improvements the team undertook and the re-planting that was done completely transformed the garden. My garden has never looked as beautiful as it now does, under the care of these expert gardeners. I am really impressed with their excellent and affordable service. I have now given them a year's contract for lawn maintenance.

  • Annabel G.

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